Thursday, April 13, 2017

Never Out Of Sight - Louise Stone

Kindle Edition

Publisher: HQ Digital

Published: 20/01/17

Pages: 207

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Given for an honest review via Netgalley

The Blurb

A daughter’s secret. A mother’s betrayal.

Every mother knows never to let their child out of their sight. But Freya has been distracted recently, and now her teenage daughter, Zoe, is missing.

Freya knows that the only way to bring Zoe back is to tell the truth, but when your whole life is built on secrets and lies, the truth could destroy everything.

Surely there’s no harm in telling just one more little white lie?

My Thoughts

Normally I write my reviews as soon as I have finished the book. Mostly so my views are fresh and I dont forget that I have to do it. For various reasons this month I have not been able to do any of the reviews of the books I have read. I suppose I could of written them by hand but thats just hard work isnt it?

I have read S for Stranger by the same author and from memory recalled that I liked it, However looking back at the review It seems that I wasn't as enamoured as I thought. So I re-read it and have to admit that I was being extremely unfair in my review and maybe if I had time to think about it before jumping in and writing the first thing on my mind my reviews wouldn't be so shotgun.

Ignoring my earlier review and after re-reading S for Stranger I can safely say that I am a fan of Louise Stone. She has a great knack for writing characters that are emotionally flawed and not really likeable and at times utterly frustrating in the decisions they make or the conclusions they dont come to when they really should.

Freya really had me conflicted. She got everything wrong and assumed so much it ruined her life. As much as I tried I just couldn't dislike her mainly because the image of her I had in my head was of Masterchef winner Jane Devonshire and she is so lovely isnt she?. The story was an exciting one that could of gone many ways, I was pulled in a few directions before the climax of the book made it clear what was going on. The ending was exciting and well thought out, which for me is a bonus, as I have a big problem with poor endings.

Overall a good book that I highly recommend.

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