Review Policy

I am open to review books from any authors and publishers.

What I like to read:
Thrillers, Crime, Britcrime, Time Travel, Paranormal, Horror. Its not an exclusive list and I will give most things ago

My reviews are honest and are my thoughts, not what publishers want me to write. They are given a star-scale rating as follows:

1 Star - Couldn't Finish
2 Stars - Finished but wouldn't recommend
3 Stars - Recommended to readers familiar with author and genre
4 Stars - Strongly recommended
5 Stars - Highly recommended

Every book I review I will post a review on all of the following websites:-

The Coffee And Kindle

At the moment the date the review will be published will be at my discretion. (purely due to my backlog, not being an arse)
I will also promote the review via Twitter.

I do not receive or want any monetary compensation for my reviews, I do it because I enjoy it.
I am willing to be part of "Blog Tours" / Giveaways.

Contact Details

Twitter:- @paulcresswell72


  1. Hello Mr. Cresswell,

    Am wondering if you would be willing to read the samples of my books, to see if they are works you would be interested in reviewing? Everyone loves my work. Admittedly, I am a great storyteller; what I'm not good at is marketing and getting reviews. I am a bit of a hermit, with not much of an online presence. I crank out books and screenplays like a word mill, but I have trouble getting myself out there. Think you can be a hero!? Yes? No? Maybe so? :-)Time permitting, of course.

  2. My YA/S/F series NINE by D.M. King has had many readers but few reviewers. I'd love for you to take a look when you have some time. SOULLESS and FAITHLESS- all three books published by Snow Leopard Publishing. Thanks for considering my request.