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Miles Hunt - Diaries

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The Wonder Stuff Diaries

Something a bit different for this review.
I lived in a house where I never heard music being played, god knows why but neither of parents enjoyed music. So my first introduction to music was from my friends at school. My first foray into the world of music had me buying A-ha and Then Jerico records and badgering my dad to take me and my mate to gigs in Birmingham in full bandanna and leather shoelaces tied around our arms. I didn't know better.
Then in 1988 as I put the Tv on, sat down on the sofa with my cornflakes contemplating another day of walking in circles around the town when this came on the Tv and so started a , so far, 30yr love affair with the music of The Wonder Stuff and Miles Hunt. It was a defining moment in my life, might sound dramatic but it set me on the course to who I am now. I grew my hair, spent countless hours in record shops buying as much of their stuff as I could, went to countless gigs and bought countless T-shirts. Still do. I was always described as the kid with The Wonder Stuff T-shirt. So when Miles Hunt announced that he was writing 3 books about The Wonder Stuff years it was a no brainer.

Written from his diaries of the time the books are split into 86-89, 90-91 and 92-94 and takes you through the highs and lows of being in a band. These books arent only for The Wonder Stuff fans but any fan of 90s music. Its a nostalgic ride that left my wanting to invent a time machine and live it all again but if Hawkings couldn't do it I doubt mine would work. The books are accompanied with photos of the band and reviews that, some, I hadn't seen before. I got through all 3 way too quickly.
The 92-94 book upset me a little as it dealt with the demise of the band but I think the time was right to split when they did, Although I didnt think that at the time. Cried like a baby at the last gig at the Pheonix Festival and to top if off when we got back to our tent somebody had decided it was the best place to deposit their diarrhea.

These books certainly opened my eyes in many ways and I cant recommend them enough.

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