Saturday, June 11, 2016

Book 38 - S Is For Stranger - Louise Stone

Kindle Edition

Cost: Netgalley

Publisher: Carina

Published: 16/06/16

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The Blurb

There are two sides to every story.

But only one is true.

Sophie wished she’d paid more attention when her little daughter, Amy, caught sight of a stranger watching them. She only looked away for a second. But now Amy’s gone.

No one trusts an alcoholic. Even a sober one. The police are suspicious of Sophie’s tangled story and so is her ex-husband, Paul. Especially when new information emerges that changes everything.

But what if Sophie is telling the truth? What if her daughter really is missing? And what if that stranger at the fairground wasn’t really a stranger at all…

Perfect for readers looking for their next addictive read after The Girl on the Train and Behind Closed Doors.

My Thoughts

I was undecided whether to give this book a 3 or 4 stars, it’s a captivating story and moves at a good pace and the first few chapters were very tense and every parent’s nightmare, but it’s clear there isn’t something quite right with Sophie and her narrative is erratic and characters arrive and leave without lending anything to the story. I took a dislike to the Americanisms that appeared “Burger Joint”, “signalled to the waitress for the cheque”, “rundown joint”.

Whilst there seemed to be every Thriller novel clique and a lack of depth to all of the characters barring Sophie, I didn’t at any point think, I’m not going to finish this.

The ending leaves the reader having to read between the lines somewhat and felt a tad rushed.

Overall it’s not a bad read but it’s not a great one either.

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