Saturday, February 13, 2016

Book 8 - For All Our Sins - T.M.E Walsh

Kindle Edition

Cost: 0.99

Publisher: Carina

Published: 24/09/15

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The Blurb

Years ago there was a silent witness to an act of evil. Now, a twisted killer is on the loose fuelled by revenge.

Called to the brutal murder of a priest, it is immediately clear to DCI Claire Winters that the victims death was prolonged, agonising…and motivated by a lust for revenge.

The killer has been clever, there are no clues, no leads. But Claire Winters has never let a killer remain on the streets. Looking for an answer at any cost Claire begins to get closer to the victim’s family, but what it reveals turns her murder case into something far more sinister…

When one body becomes two, and then three, Claire finds herself in a race against time to connect the dots between a host of devastating secrets, before the killer strikes again.

My Thoughts

I came across this book whilst looking for new books on Amazon, it was cheap and I liked the sound of the plot and I love a good twist and as the tag line was "For All Our Sins: A gripping thriller with a killer twist so I parted with my 99p and gave it a go.

If I am totally honest I hated the first half of the book, reading it felt like I had joined a book half way through, it was as if I should have known some of the characters and their backgrounds. The Priests were particularly annoying to read. There was also a lot of filler with background detail about DCI Claire Winters that wasn't needed and added nothing to the story at all.

For me the killer twist didn't exist. It was spoon-fed to you. The second half was a lot better and I enjoyed the action, it kept me engaged and was well written.

T.M.E Walsh certainly isn't on my avoid list by any means and I will give the second book a read.

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