Thursday, December 7, 2017

Anything You Say - Gillian McAllister

Kindle Edition

Publisher: Penguin

Published: 19/10/17

Pages: 400

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Given for an honest review via Netgalley

The Blurb

Joanna is an avoider. So far she has spent her adult life hiding bank statements and changing career aspirations weekly.

But then one night Joanna hears footsteps on the way home. Is she being followed? She is sure it's him; the man from the bar who wouldn't leave her alone. Hearing the steps speed up Joanna turns and pushes with all of her might, sending her pursuer tumbling down the steps and lying motionless on the floor.

Now Joanna has to do the thing she hates most - make a decision. Fight or flight? Truth or lie? Right or wrong?

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed Anything You Say, it was something different with a great plot, great characters and written beautifully, if not a tad repetitive and slow in parts.

If you liked the film Sliding Doors then you will probably like this book. Although I do think its a slightly lazy comparison. The book will make you question how you would react in the same circumstances, not just with the main character but her husband as well. Sometimes I did want to slap the pair of them because of the decisions they made or the way they acted.

For me it was hard to put down and i did think about it a lot inbetween reading, wondering which way the stories would evolve.

Enjoyable book and as I write this it is only 99p on Amazon for the Kindle version, which for a book like this is an absolute steal.

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